“Wolfblood IV was a total reboot of the show. We went from rural to urban, shot more night and featured more VFX than ever before. James was the perfect man for the job, no challenge was too big, no schedule impossible and there was always a smile to accompany stellar work”.
Exec Producer Lucy Martin

“He is the best young DoP I have come across for some years. His work as an operator was faultless and his lighting has a classic clarity that greatly enhanced our film. I am pleased to recommend him to any production that wants style with a refreshing awareness of what is practical”.
Director Renny Rye

“James proved an excellent collaborator in every aspect of the job – in staging scenes, in understanding the technicalities of the visual effects, and in lighting large interiors. Whilst the quality of the image is always his concern, James sees as his priority the service of a director’s vision, and works hard to ensure that the actors’ performances are enabled by the economy and speed of his lighting. I found that James has a positive approach to every idea, and believe he would be an ideal creative partner for any director”.
Director Alex Pillai

“He has proven himself as a very creative, proactive cameraman – a fast yet thoughtful lighter who can work within a budget and an excellent operator to boot. He is extremely popular with both on set crew and production office and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other productions”.
Producer Ian Strachan

“I first worked with James as an operator and he was always my number one choice. He then stood in as DoP and was exceptional. His speed and co-operation in no way compromise his flair for creating lighting which compliments the tone of the scene”.
Producer Jane Hudson

“James’s air of calmness, mood of lighting and creative contribution, mean I know we’re always in good hands”.
Producer Jo Wright